All-New Mazda3 Sedan is Packed with Safety Features

If you are in the market this year for a popular compact car, Davis Gainesville Mazda has the new Mazda3 sedan on the lot. This vehicle is full of helpful safety features helping to boost its popularity.

The new Mazda3 sedan is equipped with the Blind Spot Information System for identifying other vehicles too close behind your ride. If another vehicle is in a blind spot, then the side mirrors on your vehicle begin flashing so you are aware where not to move until that car has moved on and the adjacent lane is once again clear.

With the Lane-Keeping System, if your Mazda3 begins to drift outside of the lane lines, you will feel a vibration in the steering wheel similar to driving over rumble strips. This system can help reduce instances of distracted driving that may be causing you to leave the safety of the lane and get into a motor vehicle accident.

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